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GED or Home School Students

In order to become a PROMISE Scholar, a GED recipient or home schooled student will need to become familiar with eligibility requirements and the application process.  Navigate through the menu to learn more.  While PROMISE does not have a community service obligation, we would like to encourage applicants to engage in at least twenty hours of community service.

NEW--July 19, 2006

Standards have increased for home schooled and GED students to receive PROMISE for the class of 2007.

ACT: must have a minimum composite score of 22 with minimum subject scores of 20 in each of the four areas, math, science, English and reading.


SAT:  must have a minimum 1020 combination of critical reading and math with minimum of 490 in critical reading and 480 in math.

ACT or SAT scores cannot be combined from multiple test administrations.  In addition, the ACT and/or SAT writing portion will NOT be used in calculating minimum composite scores for the PROMISE Scholarship.


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