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PROMISE Eligibility Requirements for the Class of 2008

  1. Each student must complete the PROMISE Scholarship Application (WV Application for State-level Financial Aid) by March 1, 2008.  Visit to apply.  Applications become available November 1, 2007. 
  2. All students must file the 2008-2009 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1, 2008.  That form must be received by the Federal Processor and must meet the conditions for processing on or before March 1, 2008. Visit to complete the FAFSA.  The 2008-2009 FAFSA becomes available January 1, 2008. After the Federal Processor receives the FAFSA, a copy will automatically be sent to the PROMISE office.
  3. A student must graduate with a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA (grade point average) or whatever is locally considered a "B" average (weighted grades may be used).   In addition, the student needs to graduate with a minimum 3.0 GPA in his/her core classes.  Dual credit courses will count towards the high school core classes (if applicable) and overall GPAs.  The minimum core classes requirements are:
    • English - 4 credits
    • Mathematics - 3 credits
    • Social Sciences - 4 credits  *new for 2008 high school graduates*
    • Natural Sciences - 3 credits

    Students will be able to use their eighth semester grades to meet the grade point average requirement (3.0 core and overall) for the PROMISE Scholarship.  However, he/she must send an appeal letter and provide the PROMISE office with the final transcript.

    The core classes grade point average will be computed based on the number of core classes the student completes; all core classes completed by the student will comprise the core grade point average.  Visit our complete listing of core classes.  
  4. A student must attain an ACT composite score of 22 with a minimum sub-score of 20 in each of the four subject areas (math, science, English and reading); or a combined SAT score of 1020 with at least a minimum sub-score of 490 in the critical reading section and 480 in the math section.  Scores cannot be combined from multiple test administrations. The highest scores will be accepted from one, single test date. The last time to take the ACT is December 8, 2007. The last time to take the SAT is January 26, 2008. The writing portion of the ACT and/or SAT will NOT be used in determining PROMISE eligibility for the class of 2008.
  5. A student and his/her family must be legal residents of West Virginia for a minimum of one year prior to applying (March 1, 2007).  One half of the credits required for graduation must have been completed in a public or private high school in West Virginia.  Resident students from West Virginia who commute daily to an out-of-state public or private high school are also eligible to apply for PROMISE.
  6. To be eligible for a PROMISE Scholarship, high school students seeking a degree at an institution of higher education must have completed the high school degree requirements after September 1, 2001 and before enrolling in college.
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